April 2016

“We are deeply honored that Dr. Adamson has received this national acknowledgment of his profound expertise as a clinician and researcher in children's cancer, and we applaud his continued commitment to advancing treatment for children.”- Madeline Bell, president and CEO of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Restoring Balance in the Brain After Concussion


As he falls to the ground from a football tackle, a boy’s brain shakes in its skull from the impact. He begins to experience dizziness and balance problems in the hours and days that follow, and a visit to his doctor confirms that he has …

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Young Physician-Scientist Recognized for Pediatric Kidney Stone Research


It’s often surprising for parents to learn that their child has a kidney stone, a painful condition that is more common in adults but has dramatically increased in prevalence among pediatric patients over the last 25 years. Seeing this trend firsthand as a pediatric urologist …

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CHOP Oncologist Appointed to Blue Ribbon Panel for National Cancer Moonshot


Peter Adamson, MD, a pediatric oncologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and chair of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), has joined a key group of scientific experts, cancer leaders, and patient advocates in advising the scientific direction and goals of Vice President Joe Biden’s …

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Teaching a Computer to See Like a Dermatologist


A picture is worth a thousand words in most places, but not at the dermatologist’s office. “Usually when I’m in clinic, I’m looking at photos and comparing photos,” said Leslie Castelo-Soccio, MD, PhD, an attending dermatologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and assistant professor …

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Study Maps Early Connectivity Networks in Newborn Babies’ Brains


For parents-to-be, the third trimester of pregnancy is often a period of rapid preparation to welcome a new life into the world. Their babies are busy, too: From growing lungs that can breathe on their own, to developing neurological connections they need to feel, move, …

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Researchers Developing New Imaging Tools to Assess Placental Dysfunction


As new life forms inside a mother, the placenta becomes a key interface between maternal and fetal health. This temporary disc-shaped organ attaches to the uterine wall and transfers oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, yet the nuances of its structure and function remain enigmatic. …

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Tracing Neurons’ Migration Suggests Cause of Brain Development Defects


By following the journey of how newly born neurons migrate in the developing cerebral cortex, the part of our brain responsible for conscious thought and higher order functioning, a study team at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided new insights into how disruptions in this …

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Putting the Brakes on Allergic Response


When you have a chronic allergic disorder, it’s easy to blame the trigger — an early pollen season or furry pet — but the real culprit is your own immune system. Designed to attack foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses, T cells are the …

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