August 2016

“I hope the Global Health RAG will bring us all together and give us some inspiration on how we can expand and strengthen our programs and systems within the institution to allow us to have strong collaborations on the other end.”- Elizabeth Lowenthal, MD, MSCE

Tour International Pediatric Research With New Global Health RAG


As the global community comes together in August to celebrate the Olympic Games, it reminds us of the unique contributions that our world neighbors have to share. A new Global Health Research Affinity Group (Global Health RAG) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is promoting …

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How Reformed ‘Mean Girls’ Can Help Their Classmates


Any middle school student could tell you that gossip, rumors, and manipulation of social relationships are hallmarks of “mean girls.” That pattern of behavior is better known as relational aggression to researchers who work to understand these dynamics and intervene to help young people develop healthier …

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His and Hers: Orexins’ Role in Sex Bias in Psychiatric Disease


Stress is interwoven with today’s nonstop society, and it can leave many of us feeling frayed at the edges. Women, especially, seem to experience higher rates of psychiatric disorders that are stress related, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), than men. Scientists …

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Competing in ‘Olympics’ Helped Teens Retain CPR Skills


After the starting signal, instead of immediately bolting into a sprint, the runner crouched to the ground. So did all the other runners in the other lanes. With intense focus, the competitors attached their specially designed race batons to the simulated victims resting at the …

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Study Results Offer Reassurance on Anesthesia Safety for Young Children


A young child gives a groggy wave to his parents as he is wheeled into the operating room suite. They are confident that he is in the good hands of the surgical and anesthesiology teams, but a worry still lingers. Will the anesthetic agents used …

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Children May Be Overtreated for Joint Pain Resulting from Infection


After a couple of weeks of relatively minor illnesses — an ear infection, which was treated, followed by a bout of diarrhea — a child’s new complaint about pain in her joints and difficulty walking has her parents worried enough to take her to the …

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Positive Parenting Program Improves Bad Behavior in Preschool-Age Children


As a parent herself, Joanne Wood, MD, MSHP, knows that parenting is stressful. As a pediatrician-researcher who has worked with high-risk populations including children in foster care, she has seen how the challenges of parenting, combined with behavioral problems that are extremely common in young …

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Childhood Cancer Advocates Find Strength in Numbers


Childhood cancer is a disease that divides. Biologically, cancer is a disease of cells dividing uncontrollably. Scientifically, genetic and molecular discoveries increasingly drive pediatric cancer researchers to divide their attention among narrower and narrower molecular subtypes of disease. And socially, families facing childhood cancer sometimes …

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