December 2016/January 2017

"What you do in the lab is hopefully motivated by what you see in the clinic. And then, what you do in the clinic will be motivated by what you do in the lab. It’s not one directional, and you need to have the infrastructure that allows you to bridge all those gaps. CHOP is one of the few places in the world where you can do that."- Edward Behrens, MD

A Look Back at 2016: A Banner Year for Pediatric Research at CHOP


As we look ahead to a new year and new opportunities in 2017, it’s worth first taking a look back at how much we achieved in 2016. It was a busy year, and investigators from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia made remarkable progress and reached major …

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Looking Ahead to Having a Bigger Impact and Greater Success


The new year often brings great optimism and hope, as we look to the promise and potential it brings, and to the experiences that will shape us individually, professionally, and organizationally. Reflecting upon the past year at the CHOP Research Institute, and looking at our …

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Michael Marks, PhD, Named AAAS Fellow for Organelle Assembly Insights


A brightly painted ceramic cat waving a paw, a delicate starfish, and even a shrunken head are among an eclectic collection that fills the bookshelves of cell biologist Michael Marks, PhD. Many are souvenirs given to him by postdoc and undergrad researchers who have come …

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Researchers Find Compelling Preclinical Evidence for High-Risk Leukemia Therapies


If there is some small bright spot in getting a diagnosis of childhood cancer, it is that acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common form of leukemia in children, has one of the highest cure rates of all childhood cancers. Yet families may struggle to …

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Trio of Studies Shows Oral Antibiotics Are As Good As IV Antibiotics After Discharge


When a family takes a child home from the hospital after treatment for a serious infection, some worrying about how well and how quickly the child will recover may be inevitable. But families may find some reassurance in the new knowledge that if their child …

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Neuroblastoma Genetics Study Seeks to Spell Out Structural Errors


As scientists learn to decipher and read more of the recipe book of life — our genomes — they have found many insights and opportunities about diseases in the errors in that text. Among those insights are numerous indicators that adult cancers often happen because …

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Physician-Scientists Explore New Ways to Quell Cytokine Storm Syndromes


Imagine that every household in a large city turned on every light switch in their houses at the same time, overloading the electrical power plant. The same kind of scenario happens in cytokine storm syndromes, when overactivation of the immune system produces too many inflammatory …

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Transformational Science: Q&A with Douglas Wallace, PhD, Winner of Franklin Medal


Douglas Wallace, PhD, does not shy away from controversial ideas in science. But unlike your kooky uncle who proselytizes about grand theories of the universe, Dr. Wallace has pushed forward several ideas that have turned out to be correct, overturning longstanding assumptions about biology, medicine, …

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