January 2015

“We know first-hand the tremendous resource that CHOP represents to families in the Philadelphia region, across the country and around the world.”- Raymond G. Perelman

Raymond G. Perelman Donates $50 Million to Support Research at CHOP


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) recently announced a $50 million gift from businessman and philanthropist Raymond G. Perelman. This gift, equal to the largest ever received by CHOP, will directly support a wide range of pediatric research, tackling the toughest and most challenging pediatric …

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Short Observations Not Enough to Detect Autism Risk


Identifying autism spectrum disorder (ASD) risk early is imperative, because the earlier autism is detected the earlier clinicians will be able to intervene. In general, the younger the patient, the more effective ASD interventions are. However, according to a new study published in Pediatrics, short …

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Researchers Developing Reliable Measures of Children’s Sleep Health


Healthy sleep is essential for children’s happiness, attentiveness, and energy, yet estimates suggest that up to 30 percent of children are affected by sleep problems. While parents usually have no difficulty describing their poor sleepers’ crankiness and fussiness, physicians have not had a standard, reliable …

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Project Explores Enzymes’ Role in Cancer


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Matthew D. Weitzman, PhD, recently received an award from the National Cancer Institute to study the role a family of proteins play in disrupting genome integrity and generating mutations that could cause cancer. The proteins in question, the ponderously named …

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NIH Grant Will Fund TMJ Biology, Maintenance Study


Of all the joints in the body, perhaps the most unique, complex, and understudied is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ, which is located close to the ears, is a bilateral movable articulation, connecting the lower jaw (mandible) to the bone at the side of …

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Pediatric Trauma Nurses Know Trauma-Informed Care


A recent study from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing reveals pediatric trauma nurses are knowledgeable about practicing trauma-informed care, but points to the need for additional nurse training to help families …

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Findings Lay Groundwork for Novel Huntington’s Disease Therapy


New findings by researchers in the Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics (CCMT) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggest that an intricate pathway crucial to the development of Huntington’s disease (HD) rests on a “biological teeter-totter” that when carefully balanced could help to control …

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CPCE Supports New Pilot Projects on Clinical Decision-Making


The Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness (CPCE) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia supports outstanding pilot research studies designed to produce evidence for what works best for treating, diagnosing, and preventing disease. Winners chosen for the fall round of the CPCE’s Pilot Grant Program will …

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CHOP Expert Elected to Scoliosis Society Presidency


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s John P. Dormans, MD, FACS, was recently elected to the presidency of the Scoliosis Research Society’s board of directors. The former chief of Children’s Hospital’s Division of Orthopedics, Dr. Dormans is an internationally recognized orthopedic surgeon and spine disorder researcher. …

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