January 2016

“What we do at CHOP and our messaging about the importance of human milk is so unlike what many hospitals do; that is why we have such amazing outcomes for our mothers and our infants.”- Diane Spatz, PhD, RN-BC, director of CHOP's Breastfeeding and Lactation Program

How Precision Medicine is Reshaping Epilepsy Research


The little girl’s epilepsy was so debilitating that she was virtually nonresponsive. Traditional antiseizure medicines could not reduce the five to 20 seizures she experienced daily when she first came to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Trying a new approach, her neurologist, David Bearden, MD, prescribed …

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Championing Trauma-Informed Care in Pediatrics


Imagine a trembling child in the Emergency Department (ED), with a parent about to collapse in tears while squeezing a tiny hand. A nurse notices the family’s rising distress and takes a few moments to talk with them about their fears and concerns, and to …

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New Collaboration Uncovering a Mitochondrial Mystery


Mistakes happen. Inside every cell, the functions of life rely on the basic process of building proteins. But, about half the time, cells make errors when building proteins and have to recycle the pieces and start again. One important player in the cell’s recycling process, …

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Speeding Up Success with Precision Medicine Cancer Trial


An innovative new clinical trial launching this year at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia may not only help patients who have no further proven treatment options for neuroblastoma, a high-risk cancer, but may also be a model for how precision medicine clinical trials can spur …

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Possible ‘Central Hub’ Proteins Found in Cancer Cell Growth


A study from researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia may add new lines to the textbook description of how cancer cells divide uncontrollably and develop into tumors. Their study, published in Nature Communications, identifies and describes an epigenetic mechanism in cancer cells that amplifies …

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Baby Poop Study to Link Infant Microbiome and Obesity


New parents who find themselves surprisingly attentive to their babies’ poop are in good company. Researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania are beginning the second phase of a study that is exploring whether baby poop is an important data …

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New Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine Transforms Big Data


A first-of-its-kind open-access, data driven discovery platform that empowers new diagnostic tools and personalized, precision therapies for rare childhood diseases and pediatric cancers has been developed at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The announcement of the Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b), by …

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Research on Human Milk Helps Get Infants Off to a Good Start


While human milk feedings are important for all children, they can be a medical intervention that makes the difference between life and death for critically ill infants at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Human milk protects babies from significant disease and medical problems, such as …

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Palliative Care Experts Study Grieving Siblings’ Psychological Welfare


The experience of grieving for a dying brother or sister during childhood is something that the surviving siblings carry with them for the rest of their lives. Research conducted at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggests that the experience itself is not a source of …

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