May 2015

“Our goal is that when you meet these kids, if you didn’t see the scar on their chests, you would not know that they had heart surgery because they’re completely like every other kid in every other way. We’re not there yet, but this is the type of research that we need to get us there.”- J. William Gaynor, MD

It’s Not a Just Job, It’s an Adventure: The 2015 Research Symposium


Bookended by references to the 1980s and 1990s — in the form of an iconic U.S. Navy commercial and a discussion of the 1991 measles outbreak in Philadelphia — the 2015 CHOP Research Institute Scientific Symposium offered a snapshot of the inspirational work going on …

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Despite Care Improvements, Cardiac Surgery Affects Infants’ Neurodevelopment


Cardiac specialists have worked for many years to help high-risk infants with complex congenital heart disease (CHD) survive surgery. As advances in surgical and perioperative care have improved their success rates dramatically, researchers, clinicians, and families are now able to turn their attention to these …

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Filling Prescriptions After Hospitalization Reduces Asthma Readmissions


Imagine the following scenario: you or your child are hospitalized, and upon discharge are given a prescription by your doctor to treat the underlying condition. And, hopefully, to prevent you or your child from having to be hospitalized again. Simple enough, right? One would think, …

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Precision Medicine Trial to Focus on Children With Advanced Cancers


When a clear, curative pathway is not available for pediatric cancers that relapse, families often will turn to new, experimental treatments being studied by The Children’s Oncology Group with hopes of exploring other options to care for their children. A new research opportunity under development …

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Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Funds Support Discovery of New Therapies


What comes in a “Box of Hope?” Inside you will find three kinds of scrumptious cookies, but what you are truly unwrapping is the potential for pediatric cancer researchers to advance novel treatments to clinical trial as quickly as possible. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a …

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Children With Nightly Bedtime Routines Have Better Sleep Outcomes


Sweet dreams. G’nite. Shubh ratri. No matter how you say it, a consistent bedtime routine makes a difference in children’s sleep outcomes, according to a study that included mothers of 10,000 young children from 14 countries. Sleep problems in children are a common concern among …

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Pathways in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Open New Possibilities


Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) is a relatively rare developmental diagnosis that involves a constellation of symptoms affecting almost every body system in children who have the most severe form of the diagnosis. Finding out its causes could be extremely important to understanding human development …

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Community Scholar Project Addresses Needs of Gender Variant Youth


Transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender variant youth are often misunderstood or ignored when they try to get the attention of healthcare providers. Pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist Nadia Dowshen, MD, founder and co-director of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic, wants …

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Research Needed to Address Health Needs of Adolescents With HIV


Every day Sarah M. Wood, MD, a fellow in the Craig-Dalsimer Division of Adolescent Medicine at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is stunned by the resilience and strength of the young people she works with who are living with HIV and the obstacles that they …

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Fresh Whole Blood Lowers Child Heart Surgery Exposure Risk


Infants and children who undergo heart surgery are better off receiving fresh whole blood transfusions from a single donor, compared to receiving component blood from multiple donors, according to new research from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “Using fresh whole blood for transfusions reduces the …

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Award Celebrates CHOP Expert’s Brain Tumor Research


At the 13th Annual Dream & Promise Gala, held May 27 in New York, the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation honored The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Tom Curran, PhD, FRS, with the 2015 Fred J. Epstein, MD, Lifetime Achievement Award. The award, which is named after …

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Thrombosis Researcher to Be Honored at ISTH Conference


The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) is set to honor The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Sriram Krishnaswamy, PhD, at its annual meeting this summer. During the ISTH’s 2015 Congress, held in Toronto in June, Dr. Krishnawamy will receive a BACH Investigator Recognition Award …

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